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City Shanghai
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City baoding
Salary Negotiable
City baoding
Company: CGTN
Salary Negotiable
City Beijing

机械工程师(食品方向)- 正大集团

Job Description


- 结合现有食品生产工艺和欧美日先进工艺,研发创新食品生产工


- 引进、改良国内外先进食品设备和工艺,提高食品安全系数与生产效率;

- 完善各食品单元的设备管理制度,利用互联网技术,实时监控大型核心设


- 参与食品工程项目建设。

Job Requirement


- 学历:本科及以上学历,应届生或工作1-3年

- 专业:机械工程、机电一体化等相关专业

- 经验:了解或参与过机械项目或工程管理、食品加工等项目经验者优先

- 其他要求:党员、学生会干部优先,会使用AUTO CAD、PHOTOSHOP等软件


4. 福利薪酬:提供有市场竞争力薪资、年度调薪、五险一金、商业保险、员工体


5. 工作地点:北京、上海、慈溪、其他地区。


Thailand's largest private company and one of the world's largest conglomerates. The company describes itself as having eight business lines covering 13 business groups. As of 2020  the group has investments in 21 countries.

It owns controlling stakes in the world's largest producer of feed, shrimp, and a global top-three producer of poultry, pork, among other agricultural produces. It also operates Southeast Asia's largest retail business by revenue. In the telecommunications sector, it is one of the largest telecom firms in Southeast Asia with over 25 million mobile customers.   

With some 200 business subsidiaries in mainland China , they're known in China as "Zhèng Dà" (正大). When China opened up its economy in 1978, they were the very first foreign investor in the country and became the first foreign company registered in the special economic zone of Shenzhen, Guangdong. The company is the single largest investor in Mainland China today commanding over fifth of China's entire feed meal market.