Salary 300k-500k/year
City NanJing
Salary Negotiable
Salary Negotiable
City Beijing
Salary Negotiable
City Beijing
Company: HelloCareer
Salary Negotiable
City Shanghai
Company: CGTN
Salary Negotiable
City Beijing
Company: VMware
Salary 面议
City Beijing

Senior iOS Engineer - BeanTech

Job Description
  1. Participate in the realization of function modules of the company's large-scale intelligent network (Internet of Vehicles) platform;
  2. Participate in the design, implementation and improvement of the core framework of iOS platform products;
  3. Implement modules and functions defined by various design documents as required;
  4. Participate in daily technical seminars, analyze and solve technical problems;
  5. Develop in accordance with the company's technical development and implementation specifications, and participate in the preparation of project-related technical implementation documents;
  6. Continue to improve and optimize the functions of the responsibility module;
  7. Cooperate with testers for automated testing.
Job Requirement
  1. Computer related major, bachelor degree or above; more than 6 years experience in iOS platform development;
  2. Proficient in Objective C and Swift; have good programming habits, proficient in data structure and object-oriented programming, and are interested and capable of writing efficient and neat code;
  3. Proficient in iOS SDK Framework and common open source third-party frameworks; in-depth understanding of Runtime mechanism, proficient in memory management mechanism and multi-thread mechanism;
  4. Proficient in the realization of iOS custom UI; familiar with App performance optimization and security protection strategy;
  5. Understand Hybrid app development, familiar with html and Javascript;
  6. Have experience in agile process development; have their own insights and practical experience in improving mobile user experience;
  7. Experience in car networking project development is preferred;
  8. Familiar with TCP / IP and Socket communication systems, experience in developing APP products on-line is preferred
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Our client is based in Shanghai but they have offices spreading worldwide in Russia, India, and Germany. They are a technology company focusing on the mobility site in IOT era, to boost the digitization of automobile industry to shift from automobile manufacturer to service provider. How they do this is by using the smart cockpits (human-machine integration or vice-versa, machine-machine integration, smart-city...) as entry point to bring Individuals online and link to the world of mobility.