Company: 网易
Salary open
Company: 网易
Salary OPEN

Communication Manager -- 网易上合---上海/美国

Job Description

1. Manage public relations with global\industry\customer media partners, plan and implement the amplification of top creators and UGC games through PR, and do brand communications;

2. Drive product communications, including product launch, games release, feature promotion, KOL cooperation, events, to grow global player base. 

3. Work closely with Content Partnership team to provide product marketing to global developers and build creator recruitment efforts.

4. Support business Development with key shareholders, such as industry associations, policy departments, etc.

Job Requirement

1. Bachelor's degree, and 3+ years of experience in communications. 

2. Excellent written and verbal communications skills. Experience in creative storytelling and ability in product technical writing are prefered. 

3. Experience in building relationships with journalists and stakeholders.

4. Self-driven, responsible, flexible team player who takes ownership for projects. Enjoy to work with a number of cross-functional and cross-cultural teammates.

5. Big Bonus: A love for video games and pop culture. 

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网易 (NASDAQ: NTES)是中国领先的互联网技术公司,在开发互联网应用、服务及其它技术方面,网易始终保持国内业界的领先地位。网易对中国互联网的发展具有强烈的使命感,利用最先进的互联网技术,加强人与人之间信息的交流和共享,实现“网聚人的力量”。