English Teaching


Start Date:as soon as possible

End Date:1 years contract

Age Group:3-12

Days Worked:5

Teaching Hours Worked per week:20 hours

Average Class Size:8-10

Visa:Working visa


Qualifications:bachelor degree,tefl or tesol

Experience:At least 1 year's teaching experiences


Native English:Yes

带薪年假, 定期体检, 节日福利
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Field Education was founded in 2011, to determine how best to educate Chinese children and has developed a widespread reputation in this industry throughout the years. We are dedicated to providing children with an excellent Western style education.

It is important when we are young to learn a sense of love and responsibility, to develop good habits and an innovative spirit in order to have a successful future in the 21st Century.

We introduced the concept and system of privateschools in the United States, with an integrated curriculum system, as well as an integration of the characteristics of Chinese culture combined with traditional Chinese education qualities, which complement each other. We not only provide children with a foundation from which to learn English, but also a platform from which they can plan and build their futures.

With the gradual development of Field Education, our staff numbers have gradually expanded and thus, our professional operating system is particularly important, we strive to continue developing every aspect of the classes, continued learning at home as well as in school and of course, with each child we focus on the care and professionalism they receive.

We are a leading institute within the Chinese Education circles through our perseverance and innovation. By having a professional dream team, we are able to pay attention to training and development; we attach great importance to the growth of employees and training:

"Today you are a responsible staff member, tomorrow you are a responsible manager"

We believe that our learning abilities can be truly enriched within an international environment and that this can attract other talent to join us. The more talent we have the better and brighter our future can be.