Legal Director - iPayLinks

Job Description

工作地点 Working location:上海/新加坡/香港 Shanghai/ Singapore/ Hongkong

1、负责公司法务部工作、构建满足公司业务发展需要的法务团队;To be the head of Legal Department and Responsible for all the legal related work of the company' as well as team planning according to the company's business;
2、负责为各产品线和各项业务开展提供及时的法律和合规分析,并提供对应的解决方案; Responsible for providing timely legal and compliance analysis for various product lines and business development, and provide corresponding solutions;
3、处理业务相关的各种合同、参与重大项目的谈判和推进;Handle various business-related contracts, participate in the negotiation and promotion of major projects;
4、参与目标市场或区域的研究,为业务开展提供法律意见;Participate in the research of target markets or regions and provide legal advice for business development;
Protect the company's rights and interests and handle all related lawsuits;
6、维护和处理与国内外各监管机构的关系,及时了解政策变化并作出合理的应对方案; Maintain and handle relations with various international regulatory agencies , keep abreast of policy changes and make reasonable response plans;
7、公司相关投融资项目的法律支持;Provide legal support for the company's related investment and financing projects.

Job Requirement

1、10年以上法律工作经验,5年以上外资商业银行或大中型互联网支付企业从业经验,3年以上外资律师事务所经验;More than 10 years of legal working experiences, more than 5 years of experience in foreign commercial banks or large and medium-sized Internet payment companies, and more than 3 years of experience in foreign law firms;
2、熟悉支付业务并具有较深的认识(如第三方支付、商业银行业务等);Familiar with payment business and have a comprehensive understanding (such as third-party payment, commercial banking business, etc.);
3、熟悉欧洲或美国的金融、支付相关的法律法规,对当地监管政策有深刻的认识和解读;Familiar with the financial and payment laws and regulations in Europe or the United States, and have a comprehensive understanding and interpretation of local regulatory policies;
4、业务敏感度高,能够快速理解并提供法律意见;High business sensitivity, able to understand and provide legal advice promptly;
5、善于推动跨部门沟通和协作;Good at cross-department communication and collaboration;
6、英语口语和书面俱佳;Good at cross-department communication and collaboration;
7、有一定格局,价值观正;Integrity and positive value;

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Our client is a leading provider of cross-border settlement service provider in China. Headquartered in Lujiazui, Shanghai, with several branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, the US, UAE, and India. They cooperate with and serve more than 50,000 institutions and enterprises. They are one of the first settlement service providers that put forward a comprehensive “three-in-one” one-stop cross-border settlement solution to customers in cross-border e-commerce and cross- border travel. Their independent website acquiring service can handle the acquiring of various common international credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, AE, Discover, JCB and many more. They can also support the localized payment methods on a global scale more than 200 regions. 

In addition to various international licenses, they have also obtained the PCI-DSS Level-1 certificate — the most recognized certification for payment services industry.