Salary Negotiable
City Shanghai

IT Sharing Center Architect

Job Description

Participate in innovation research work, and solve problems that occur in actual work and business through technological innovation;

2.      Work with product and R & D teams to promote major platform architecture upgrades, new system architecture construction, and legacy system integration;

3.      Responsible for studying and researching mainstream foreign products or technologies, promoting the exploration and application of foreign frontier technologies, and promoting the development of foreign frontier architecture solutions;

4. Participate in technical support work, mainly responsible for security issues related to foreign companies, and exploration and marking of related technical solutions for foreign companies.

Job Requirement

1.      Master degree or above, under 40 years of age, foreign nationals, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India nationality is preferred;

2.   5+ years of system architecture experience, proficient in English reading and writing, excellent Chinese is preferred;

3.   Be proficient in at least one development language such as Java, python, .net;

4.   Familiar with the application of at least one technology such as cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc., with actual application results preferred;

5.   Familiar with at least one microservice architecture, such as springcloud, .net core;

6.  Familiar with mainstream foreign open source communities, such as stackoverflow, github, etc., have good exploration and curiosity on new technologies and new things;

7.   Have excellent team awareness and communication skills, strong learning ability and initiative, have the spirit of research , passion, and willing to accept challenges.


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