Area Manager

Job Description

1. The Area Manager should reach & exceed the annual Area profitability target.

2. The Area Manager should reach & exceed the annual Area sales target by maintaining successful relationships with repeat clients and developing new clients.

3. The Area Manager should develop a consultant attitude within the Area team and coach Business Development into advising & mentoring clients to create the best possible events in order to achieve the clients’ objectives. The agency should go beyond what clients are asking and propose what would be best for the overall quality of the event and the experience created for the guests.

4. Responsible for the overall event production cost & quality.

5. The Area Manager is liable for delivering the output on time by properly managing the workload of the team members on a daily basis. The Area Manager should offer close guidance to the team members on priorities and plan hiring of additional resources & skills ahead of time according to sales forecast and HR budget.

6. The Area Manager should be responsible for the hiring, training and coaching of the team members. The Area Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining of the appropriate mix of resources & skills within the team according to HR budget.

7. The Area Manager is responsible for the quality of the workflow between the different teams of the Area and with the Shanghai office. The Area Manager should work at constantly improving the working relationships and processes.

8. In charge of the Area working environment quality and its budget (office, furniture, lay-out, charges, etc.)

9. In charge of the Area administrative life (local accounting, VISA, etc.)

Job Requirement
Qualifications & Abilities

1. Foreigner with bachelor degree required.
2. European background preferred.
3. At least 2-year working experience in the event or hospitality industry required.
4. At least 2-year experience in China required.
5. Fluent English spoken & written required.
6. Good notions in spoken Chinese preferred.
7. Business development and client relationship management skills.
8. Management skills.
9. Results-driven, leadership, drive & working-intensity
10. Responsible, can be held accountable.
11. Can be tough against adversity.
12. Great with details.
13. Honest.
14. Potential to develop a passion for event management.
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For over fourteen years, Riviera has been crafting stories, pioneering
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We respect the standards that both our foreign and local clients expect,
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