Customer Service Consultant

Job Description
 1. Provide health and medical support to foreign customers of the company, assist foreigners to get medical treatment in local areas, and maintain the relationship with local medical institutions.  
2. Daily customer service work of the department answered customer consultation, routine welfare inquiry, settlement of claims disputes, and coordinated all departments to solve problems during customer warranty period;  
3. Familiar with basic business knowledge of customer service department and other related knowledge, able to work independently for customer service, respect customers, maintain good service order, provide excellent customer service, effectively follow up customer demand, and do a good communication bridge between customers and the company.Carry out insurance renewal for small and medium sized customers; 
Job Requirement
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in insurance, English or medicine is preferred 
 2. 3 years experience in customer service is preferred; 
 3. Have a good sense of customer service and work steadfastly 
4. Fluent in English, listening, speaking, reading and writing, and proficient in computer operation 
5. Good Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing ability


MSH CHINA was founded in 2001, its headquarters and operations center is in Shanghai, branch offices in Beijing, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Singapore, and service offices in Suzhou, Wuhan, Dalian, Hefei, Harbin and Wenzhou, providing high quality insurance solutions and far-reaching service to corporate clients and high net worth individuals. 

As the Asia pacific headquarter of MSH INTERNATIONAL, we have a professional service team consists of 550 staff,  over 70 staff of whom have professional medical background. The average tenure of the core team is nearly 8 years, and we are capable of providing clients with most thoughtful services in Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean and Cambodian.

Brief Introduction of MSH INTERNATIONAL

Founded in 1974, MSH INTERNATIONAL is a world leader in the design and management of international healthcare solutions. Its four regional headquarters located in Paris, Toronto, Dubai and Shanghai, MSH INTERNATIONAL provides 24/7, round-the-clock assistance in 40 languages for its corporate clients and insured members across 200 countries.


Our history in China

2001    1st international health insurance service center.

2002    1st direct billing network with top-ranking local hospitals.

2004    1st local medical case management practice.

2005    1st international health insurance policy approved by the CIRC (China Insurance Regulatory Commission).

2006    1st Long Term Disability policy approved by CIRC.

2011    1st international health insurance service provider with ISO 9001 Certification in China.

2013    1st international health insurance service provider with ISO27001 Certification in China.

2014    Exceed 1,000 corporate & international school clients in China, Launch member service App.

2016    Scene oversea insurance plans for Critical Illness, International Student, Maternity, etc.

2017    Launch new operation system 2.0 - iHealth.

2 vacancy ; 13 month salary ; quarterly and yearly bonus ( around 2 month salary depends on KPI)