Salary: Approximately RMB 40,000 per month depending on qualifications and experience
City: Shanghai
Salary: Up to RMB 60,000 per month depending on qualifications and experience
City: Beijing
Company: HelloCareer
Salary: Negotiable
City: Overseas
Company: HelloCareer
Salary: 年薪60—100万
City: Beijing
Salary: 10000-20000
Salary: 4000-8000
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing

Pharmaceutical Synthesis Researcher

City: Shanghai, NanJing, Nanjing
Salary: Negotiable
Education: Masters
Experience: Graduate Student
Job Nature: Full time

Job description:
1.Design and develop synthetic routes for chemical compound independently or under instruction.
2. Synthetic route optimization and pilot scale amplification and technology transfer.
Job requirement:
Pharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, pharmacology, organic chemistry and other organic synthesis related majors

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Company Name: 先声药业
Company Industry: Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology
Company Nature: Private Enterprise
Staff Size:












我们时刻牢记“让患者早日用上更好药物”的企业使命。2007年以来,我们共提交了200多项囯内和PCT专利申请。目前已有超过10个创新药进入临床研究阶段,将极大的丰富和补充现有产品线。2015年,定位于聚焦转化医学关键技术, 助力创新药物研发的“转化医学与创新药物国家重点实验室”获国家科技部批准。2018年,先声药业成立23周年纪念日上,我们宣布先声上海(波士顿)创新中心正式启航。因此,我们连续多年被行业权威媒体评为“中国医药创新力十强企业”。


Simcere Pharmaceutical Group was founded on March 28, 1995 with an enterprise mission to “discover and develop high-quality medicines for patients.” Since its inception, we have grown from a registered capital of 2.78 million to total assets of over 3 billion yuan, from a few dozen people to a R&D-driven pharmaceutical enterprise with more than 3,000 talents, and from an annual tax of less than a million to about 500 million yuan. We have ranked among “the top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies” for consecutive years, and our growth goes beyond the numbers.


To fulfill our dream, we have progressed through a string of strategic options, including but not limited to the development of first generic products, merger and acquisition, the build-up of research institute, an alliance with multinational corporations, and innovative research mechanisms.


At present, these efforts are bearing fruits:

In 2009, our montmorillonite powder product successfully passed EU GMP certification and started exporting to Europe, a milestone for 'Made in Simcere' for global markets. Currently, we are actively implementing cGMP and EUGMP to transform all of our small molecule manufacture sites to comply with international standards.


In recent years, Simcere has established high-quality international cooperation through various partnership models. In March 2018the companys newly found precision medicine sector, Simcere Diagnotics, has formed strategic partnership agreement with a Agena Biosciencefocusing on expanding the use of Agenas MassARRAY® System for companion diagnostics and pharmacogenetic testing in China. In January 2018, Simcere obtained an exclusive license from European biotech Merus to develop and commercialize in China 3 bispecific antibodies utilizing Meruss proprietary Biclonics® technology platform in the area of immuno-oncology. In September 2017Simcere entered into Collaboration with Amgen to co-develop and commercialize a series of biosimilars In China. Together with Bristol-Myers Squibb, we are conducting Phase III trial for abatacept, a monoclonal antibody for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. These partnerships are a powerful testament to the fact that Chinese pharmaceutical companies can collaborate with multinational corporations to scale down R&D cost and accelerate R&D innovation in China.

We now own over 50 products that cover Oncology, Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular, Anti-infection, Rheumatology and other therapeutic areas. We have three products (Endostar®, Sinofuan®, Iremod®) that were the first-to-launch in the world, and six products (BICUN®ZAILIN®ANTINE®YEQING®JIEBAISHU®Newanti®) that were the first-in-class in China. Since 2007, we have submitted over 200 domestic and PCT patent applications. Over 10 innovative drugs are being studied in clinical trials, which will broaden our current marketed product portfolio.


In 2015, the Ministry of Science and Technology designated one of our laboratories as the 'national key laboratory for translational medicine and innovative drugs'. Simcere ranks among the 'Top 10 Chinese Companies in Pharmaceutical Innovation' in recent years. On March 28, 2018, Simcere announced the official establishment of Simcere Innovation Center on the company's 23rd anniversary.


SIMCERE, we race with time to provide you the better treatment.