Game Art Designer

· Fully understand the need for art based on design planning;
· Ensure consistency of the style, adjusting and adapting if necessary;
· Design, maintain and polish art style; able to follow up the art production to the very end;
· Design the visual elements of a game, such as user interface, characters, scenes, animation, etc.
· Solid art skills with good capacity of character design, scene design and tool design;
· Have good insights in art productions, creative thinking, active thinking and good communication skills;
· Enjoys games and is able to understand the needs of the casual game consumers;
· Logical, organized and adept in sorting out resources on a regular basis;
· Proficiency in Photoshop and flash;
· Graduates from universities overseas majoring in art are preferred; experience in animation or UI is preferred.
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Happy Elements is a leading interactive entertainment company in Asia and is committed to creating happiness for users worldwide. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Beijing, Happy Elements currently has nearly 600 employees, with offices and R&D centers in Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai and Kyoto. It owns several highly popular games, including Happy Fish, ANIPOP, Merc Storia, and Ensemble Stars. ANIPOP is a particularly beloved game for millions of players. Today, Happy Elements has become one of Asia’s most cutting-edge interactive entertainment companies, with successful game development and operating experience in both China and Japan.