Game Developer

Job Description
Work as part of a game team to develop and produce the various levels consistent with game genre.
Work closely with a level artist to build levels from first implementation through completion, including building layouts, placing actors and markup, and scripting gameplay;
Use a variety of written, visual, and interactive tools to communicate level design concepts and prototypes during level development;
To test, polish and improve the level designs.
Job Requirement
1. strong interests in games, familiar with casual games in the classic works of the level design, able to convert game design concepts into executable level design;
2. rigorous and in-depth logical thinking, good capability to analyze and summarize; able to think actively as well as creatively; willing to analyze game system and level design methodologies, bringing insights into ways to improve;
3. have passion for internet/game industry, always attend to internet products; caring about User Experience and produce design
4. preferably have obtained a degree in game design, or having taken courses in game design, in universities overseas;
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Happy Elements is a leading interactive entertainment company in Asia and is committed to creating happiness for users worldwide. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Beijing, Happy Elements currently has nearly 600 employees, with offices and R&D centers in Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai and Kyoto. It owns several highly popular games, including Happy Fish, ANIPOP, Merc Storia, and Ensemble Stars. ANIPOP is a particularly beloved game for millions of players. Today, Happy Elements has become one of Asia’s most cutting-edge interactive entertainment companies, with successful game development and operating experience in both China and Japan.