Salary: 面议
City: Shanghai, Beijing, Gungzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou
Company: Skykiwi
Salary: 10000
Salary: Negotiable
City: Shanghai, Beijing
Salary: 20,000~25,000
City: Shanghai
Company: Relosmart
Salary: Negotiable
City: Shanghai
Salary: Negotiable
City: Shanghai
Salary: 15,000~20,000
City: Shenzhen
Salary: 200000
City: Shanghai, Beijing, Frankfurt, UK, Australia, Seattle
Salary: 200000
City: Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco, Frankfurt, UK, Australia

Key Account Manager

City: Overseas
Salary: Negotiable
Education: Associate
Experience: Five Years
Job Nature: Full time

Job description:
1-Responsible for the preliminary market research of commercial projects and making reports on market/product orientation and business strategies.
2-Responsible for business development and research about property management, establish and manage related projects, carry out promotional activities.
3-Responsible for identifying and exploring new business opportunities, conducting business negotiations with target investors and developers, and identifying potential consulting/agency opportunities and providing core real estate services.
4-To improve the quality of cases by using optimization strategy, improve the success rate and enhance the market reputation.
5-Building and maintaining good relations with government agencies, financial institutions, investment partners and other partners.
Job requirement:
1-Bachelor degree or above in business, finance, real estate or related discipline.
2-Minimum of 5 years of finance, property investment/management industry experience, and at least 3 years of experience in a management or consulting service, consulting experience in real estate industry preferred.
3-Eligible to work in US, and excellent proficiency in English; Chinese language skills or other target Asian country language preferred.
4-Strong logical thinking and good at writing all kinds of planning reports, business design experience or background preferred.
5-Strong interpersonal relationship skills, excellent business negotiation and project management skills.

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Company Name: Delsk
address 21, 26th Floor, China Central Place, Tower 1, 81 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Company Industry: Professional Consulting Services
Company Nature: Private Enterprise
Staff Size:


Delsk has established its presence by partnering with over 750 enterprises across the globe. At present, we have an expansive portfolio of real estate and investment projects located in Portugal, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Greece, U.K., Germany, St. Kitts, and the United States. Registered in Hong Kong, the company now has offices in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and six locations across China.