Salary: 60-80万人民币
City: Shanghai
Salary: 10000-20000
Salary: 4000-8000
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing

Edesigned SAT Instructor

City: Shanghai
Salary: 面议
Education: Bachelor
Experience: Graduate Student
Job Nature: Full time

Job description:
Redesigned SAT Instructor
We are a team of educators who train students for the Redesigned SAT test. Through providing enlightening and inspirational experiences both in and out of classrooms, we help students to grow into well-rounded young adults with inquisitive mind and positive outlook, and to develop the qualities sought after by U.S. prestigious universities.
Energetic, motivated and highly educated, we aim to impart knowledge on students, in particular that as prescribed in the Common Core upon which the College Board draws for the restructuring of the SAT test. Yet we set our sights above mere test-preparation. We intend to lead students on a thought-provoking, enthusiasm-inspiring, creativity-cultivating and character-building journey that can not only render them college and career ready, but also equip them to lead meaningful lives.

· Designing standardized class handouts based on our handout formats;
· Delivering lectures covering the reading, writing and mathematics sections of the redesigned SAT;
· Contributing to the promotion of our course on the redesigned SAT;
· Working with teaching assistants to ensure progress of individual students;
· Communicating timely with parents to inform them of their children’s performance;
· Generating ideas about integrating SAT practice and skill development into challenging course work
· Other tasks as assigned by supervisors;
Job requirement:

We invite highly motivated applicants who are passionate about education to join our team. These individuals must possess strong teaching, presentation, communication, and writing skills, and can work in a team-oriented and fast- paced environment. Qualified applicants should possess the ability to respond effectively to the needs of a diverse and demanding student and parent population. Candidates we are looking for should be

· A graduate from a reputable university, preferably with a degree from a U.S. or U.K university;

· Highly proficient in English, with a Toefl score of over 110 or an equivalent grade of another English test;

· Committed to providing quality education for students;

· Motivated, conscientious and able to deliver interesting classes to grab students;

· Skilled with the operation of the Microsoft Office/iWork suite;

· Familiar with the redesigned SAT test, as well as the purpose and work of the College

· Board;

· Enthusiastic, creative, communicative and presentable-looking;

We welcome graduates of any discipline; those with specialized academic training in education, or English-language related subjects are especially encouraged to apply.


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Company Name: 英锐教育
address 上海
Company Industry: Education/Training/Science/Research
Company Nature: State owned enterprise
Staff Size:



英锐教育是 狄邦集团 旗下的国际教育专业服务机构,为中国9-18岁学生提供一站式国际教育服务,包括各类文理课程、课外活动组织与指导、国际文化交流、国际标准化考试辅导和美国名校升学指导等学习项目,以期作为中国传统学校教育的补充与完善,和中学阶段国际教育的丰富与提升。    


教育是一项严肃的事业。尤其当我们面对的是一群充满朝气与理想、尚处于自我觉醒与人格形成阶段的青少年。好的教育不只是传授知识、陪伴学生从未成年走向成年,更要培养学生独立的人格和应对未来复杂世界的能力。   英锐秉承西方文理教育的核心理念,以人的全面自由发展为终极目标。通过一系列文理课程、课外活动和延伸项目,英锐致力于培养学生成为拥有批判意识和时代智慧的世界公民,成为能够终生学习、自由生活和人格完备的个体。      


英锐坚持“以学习者为中心”,鼓励学生勇于承担自身的学习责任,养成自主学习的习惯和终生学习的能力,因此将所提供的各类课程和服务项目均称为学习项目,具体而言分为四大类别:文理课程、考试辅导、课外活动和名校申请,四者相辅相成,提供一站式的国际教育服务。   如果以武功修炼作比,文理课程好比“内功修养”,考试辅导、课外活动和名校申请好比“招式修习”;英锐将学生的长远发展和短期目标一并考虑,主张内外兼修,以追求形神合一的最佳状态。    


英锐教育的人才观承继了文理教育的“全人发展”理想,也符合美国社会对于 21 世纪人才的 4C 标准要求(批判性思维能力、沟通能力、合作能力与创造能力),这也是美国优秀大学选拔学生的标准和培养学生的目标:


·       批判性思维与问题解决能力

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

能够有效思考、辨明价值和做出明智的判断,并能综合运用传统和非传统的手段解决不同类型的问题 。


·       创造性与自主学习能力

Creativity& Active Learning


·       跨文化理解与全球意识

Cross-culture Understanding



·       沟通能力与合作精神

Communication& Cooperation

能够有效地表达观点、倾听他人,在各种团队环境中与他人有效协作 。