Company: ForwardX
Salary 12-20万美元
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Instrument/Industry Automation Private Enterprise

ForwardX Robotics is a global technology leader in the fields of AI and Robotics. Through its flexible

automation platform comprising of intelligent mobile robots and AI-enabled software, ForwardX delivers

material handling solutions for warehousing and manufacturing facilities that offer better performance at

better value. The company is comprised of over 300 members hailing from top universities and leading

enterprises around the world. As shown by its 99 granted international patents, 300+ patents pending, and its award-winning research work, such as 2 1st-Place Prizes at TRECVID and the 1st-Place Prize at

IEEE’s VOT-RT, ForwardX’s team boasts some of the world’s top computer vision scientists and robotics

experts. Since its founding in 2016, ForwardX has raised over $100 million from investors including CDH

Investment, China Merchant’s Capital, Eastern Bell Capital, BOCOM International, Qualcomm Ventures, and more. ForwardX is one of few providers in the industry with a proven history of delivering on its promises of

increased productivity and reduced costs. Already, ForwardX has attracted a host of world-renowned

enterprises with customers such as JD Logistics, TCL, ITOCHU Logistics, and DHL partner, SF Supply

Chain to name a few. With offices in China, Japan, and the US, along with partnerships around the globe, ForwardX is

expanding and applying its proven solutions to warehouses and manufacturers worldwide.