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IT/通信/电子/互联网 上市企业

Our client is a world leading smart platform technology provider. headquartered in Beijing, they are a leading Android core technology and solution provider, to accelerate OEMs’ high-quality products quick time to market. They operate 20+ R&D centers and offices globally since its start in 2008.


They have rich experience in Android base technology, middleware and application development, as well as system integration and services, enabling unique advantages in Mobile Internet Device industry and ecosystem. They have developed strong relationship with the world's leading technology companies including chips, components, devices, software and Internet vendors and mobile carriers in the smart device industry, giving the company a unique vertical integration advantages.


Their product line is based on the Android system, including one-stop customizable solutions for Smartphone, Android system for Tablet, Internet TV and Set-Top Boxes. Some key technologies, such as Dual SIM Dual Standby, Multi-Screen support, 3D graphic library, carrier certification support and customizable UI framework can effectively improve the user experience and provide the initiatives of innovation in the industry.