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Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry wholly foreign-owned

Haygrove’s been growing berries, cherries and organics for over 20 years, now totalling about 500ha. We also design and  manufacture field scale commercial polytunnels, substrate and associated growing systems for many of the best  growers in the world.


We have farms in the UK, South Africa, Portugal and China, and we supply high quality, year-round berries, cherries and organics to leading retailers. Our model is to constantly improve growing systems for the benefit of our customers by understanding the commercial pressures of growing ourselves.


We constantly innovate. We test our new products on our own farms commercially before supplying them to growers of over 30 crops in over 50 countries. Our Growing Systems consist of polytunnels, substrate systems, crop support systems and coir.
持续创新是我们一直坚持的道路。我们会在自己的农场对新产品进行各种商业测试以达到最佳的目的,然后将其供应给50多个国家和超过 30多种作物的种植者们 。我们的种植系统包括了各系列的塑料大棚、温室,基质栽培系统,作物支撑产品以及椰糠基质等。

We wish to be at the front of a gathering wave of organisations that collectively contribute to a new definition of the word ‘Business’.

We believe the world would be much better if business measured itself in concrete ways across all three bottom lines - Profit, People and Planet.


We’re trying….