Company: Equal Ocean
Salary 10K-15K Per Month
City Beijing
Company: Equal Ocean
Salary 15K-20K
City Beijing
1565576120750 eo
IT/communication/electronic/Internet Private Enterprise

EqualOcean is a leading industrial tech media and investment research company that focuses on technological and industrial innovation in China.

Founded in February 2014, our headquarter is in Beijing and we have branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

EqualOcean has taken upon itself the mission of assisting promising Chinese companies in their quest to break into the global market.

At the same time, we strive to provide overseas investors and industry players with a deeper understanding of China's business environment.

Our ultimate goal is to help China's leading startups from varied industries to understand the global market and accelerate the globalization process in order to discover potential development opportunities outside of Chin