Salary: 12,000 to RMB16,000 per month
City: Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Qingdao
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Education/Training/Science/Research Private Enterprise
Hyledar International Kindergarten was established in Jun 1993. Since then Hyledar has been providing high quality, childhood education for children, ages birth to 6. Our goal is to instill into children happiness and provide a professional environment for their healthy growth. We also aim to strengthen their childhood development skills. Helping them acquire and develop good character traits allows them to become more confident and kindhearted towards others around them. To this end, our pre-school educators are well-trained to develop their skills, abilities, and professional ethics.

Hyledar now runs 16 Kindergartens in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai and Qingdao City, and four Pre-nursery Centers so called Habakkuk Zone, while educating more than 3,500 children. Thus far, our school has developed, trained, and presently employs more than 540 professional pre-school educators, including 50 foreign teachers. Hyledar has established different departments such as the Administrative Office, Finance Department, Teaching Department, ISO9000 Supervising Department, Human Resource Department, Marketing Department and Magazine Editorial Department. Each department of Hyledar coordinates its efforts with the other departments to manage its branches efficiently.

Through 22 years development, a large number of these children have graduated from Hyledar and are presently working. Some of them are performing in an excellent manner in various careers in China and abroad. Bearing the mission of developing-oriented education, Hyledar has been contributing to foster and develop a wider application of quality preschool education.

Educational Concept: Love never falls away.

Our Vision: Let children, parents and educators share the happiness of growth in Hyledar, a kingdom of love for our children.

Our Goal: Educate children to become kind-hearted, intelligent, pleasant, and thoughtful to each other, as well as to those around them.  

Three missions: 1) provide quality education for our children’s all-round development; 2) form a teaching staff team that can be respectful, happy and professional; and 3) bear related social responsibilities to foster and develop a wider application of the love of education.