Salary 10000-12000 RMB per month
Salary 6500-8000 RMB per month/ 8000-10000 RMB per month
Salary 9000-10000 RMB per month
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Education/Training/Science/Research Private Enterprise

Our main objective has always been to provide quality English to all of our students and prepare them for entering primary school.  Not only this, but we also take great pride in our unparalleled reputation for providing foreign teachers with the best possible experience - during their time in China.

In the beginning - China International Kindergartens was in control of only a handful of nurseries, now it has expanded its operations to over 50 English nurseries, in Wuhan and also neighbouring cities. We have over a 1000 teachers currently working for us and are proud to say they are now all well experienced having been through our program