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Education/Training/Science/Research Private Enterprise

Beijing Geosita Educational Technology Limited Cooperation was founded in Jan. 2010. It is a joint venture by Beijing Normal University and Grandtopeak Group, with a total of 10 million RMB investments. Mr. Jiang Lu, who is the professor and PHD supervisor in Management School of BNU, is being filling a post of the president, but also Professor Lin Chongde, Lao Kaisheng, and Pei Dina (well-known professors in China) are hired as the consultants by the Cooperation. 
It is the Foreign Experts Service Agent designated by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs P.R. China and Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. In the process of development, expanding into the services, such as: Foreign Talents Introduction, Management Training, Teaching Development and Research, International Cultural Communication; standardizing the management training of foreign experts who’s working in China, being familiar with the local laws and regulations, to help them adapt to work and live in China. 
We work with the fine traditions of BNU “Patriotism and Advancement, Integrity and Simplicity, Pragmatic and Innovation, Stand and Deliver”, “Be the Top International Institution of Education Research, Development, and Service” as our responsibility, and give our best effort to promote the education and culture interaction between China and western countries.