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Tianjin Foresight Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional job and visa service agency which is affiliated to ‘China Northern Talent Market’ based in Tianjin, China. We have legal authorization by China Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs as government background that can recruit and arrange foreign teachers who worked in China. Majority jobs are English and subject teaching positions in schools ranging from kindergartens to the university level; some are positions with professional majors, inc. engineering, petroleum, construction. 
Over than 800 foreigners got their satisfied jobs through our company during past 3 years, and around 500 professional experts accepted our long term and short term visa services. Our main responsibility is not only helping interested people to get jobs in China, but try to provide more information about Chinese culture, life, which makes China work environment more attractive. 
If you are interested our positions in the following list, please contact us as address below with your passport front page, degree copy, TEFL/TESOL certificate, resume, and other relevant documents for apply.