Company: i2
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City Shanghai, Shenzhen
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Education/Training/Science/Research Private Enterprise
In 2006,the North American Educational Group (NAEG) entered China and established the “Foreign Tutor Training Center”. In 2011, the center officially changed its name to i2 - International Institute of Education. The i² mission statement: “Teaching with passion. Acting with Compassion”. Our simple ambition: “To be the brand leader in personalized education”. We are ever striving to improve our services and products, to provide the very best high-end, convenient and personalized education for elite families in China and beyond. To this end we continue to develop our Language courses, conducted exclusively by foreign teachers, supporting courses in art and performing arts, sciences and sports, as well as our psychological department, international exchange and study abroad programs, study tours, immigration, corporate courses, Technology & Publications etc. As of January 2016, i2 has opened 67 campuses across 12 provinces in China, with 22 in our flagship city, Chengdu, alone. The i2 group now has thousands of employees and boasts a teaching faculty second to none, with all of our teachers having international certification and abundant teaching experience. Through an unique vision of globalized strategy and professional foreign teachers, and by efficiently incorporating diverse methods of international education, and recognized by parents and professionals alike, i2 has raised the bar for Language schools in China, winning awards along the way such as The Golden Wings Awards for “Most Influential Foreign Languages Training Organization 2013” and“Most Influential Educational Group 2013”. At i2, teaching is our business, education is in our soul.