Operations Manager - 京东

Job Description

Location: United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia

(1) Responsible for local national logistics operation and management, effectively integrate internal and external storage resources, and reduce logistics costs;

(2) Responsible for warehousing operation management, formulating and continuously improving the standardization of warehousing management processes, and constantly optimizing in practice;

(3) Establish a performance evaluation system and work plan for the warehousing team, monitor the performance of logistics operations, and evaluate performance from service indicators, comprehensive warehousing, logistics costs, personnel costs, logistics security, etc. and continuously improve and improve performance

(4) Lead the team to complete the warehousing service indicators and cost indicators.

Job Requirement

(1) More than 5 years of storage operation management experience, familiar with warehouse operation process and operation mode;

(2) Excellent organization, coordination, planning and communication skills, teamwork awareness and certain crisis management capabilities;

(3) Can withstand greater work pressure and has a strong sense of cost.

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They started the logistics business in 2007, registered a logistics company in 2012, and officially established their Group in 2017. With the mission of reducing the cost of social logistics, they committed to fully opening up the infrastructure, management experience and professional technology accumulated in the past more than ten years to the society and becoming a global supply chain infrastructure service provider.

At present, they are the only enterprise in the world that has six logistics networks of small, medium, large, cold chain, B2B, cross-border, and crowdsourced. With these six large networks in the global coverage and big data, With the application of cloud computing and smart devices, They have created an intelligent supply chain service system with all-inclusive everything from product sales analysis and analysis, to storage and delivery, to transportation and distribution, with the best comprehensive efficiency and the most scientific algorithms.

Now, they have registered companies in: Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Poland, Germany, UK, Netherlands, and the USA.