Job Description
➢CEO 日常工作的协助处理,包括但不限于文档的草拟、审核、下发、整理、存档及流程跟进。Assisting with CEO’s daily work, including but not limited to drafting documents, verifying EIP approvals,classification, filling and processing in time and following company policies.
➢协助 CEO 跟进外部公共关系,参与客户会谈、接待、公关活动策划,与重要客户和合作伙伴建立 并维系良好关系。Assisting CEO with external relations maintenance, participating in client meeting, giving warm reception to clients with their visiting, PR activities, building good rapport with important clients and business partners, ensure a good relationship maintenance.
➢协助 CEO 完成日程和会议安排,整理会议纪要、简报以及会议事项进展的跟进。Coordinating CEO’s daily schedule and meeting arrangement, taking meeting minutes, briefing, and closely following up the tasks.
➢对重要工作事项进行跟踪督办、计划的落实和任务完成情况,协助 CEO 对公司工作节点目标达成 率,业绩完成率进行跟进,并及时反馈。Following up important projects or tasks, to ensure they have been smoothly processed according to the plan, assisting CEO with following milestones and target completion status, and feedback to CEO in time, and keeping target and result oriented.
➢ 协助 CEO 进行跨团队沟通协调,保证信息的快速传递、流通及共享;交流和工作信息及时共享。Assisting company CEO with cross functional communication, to ensure fast transmission in communication or information sharing, and coordinate in effective, efficient and shared way.
➢完成 CEO 交代的临时性事务。Other ad-hoc tasks assigned by CEO .
Job Requirement
➢良好的人际沟通协调能力,优秀的执行力,教育行业优先; Excellent communication skills, strong driving skills, Education industry experience preferred.
➢形象气质佳,性格开朗; Presentable, positive thinking and open minded.
➢思维敏捷,逻辑分析能力强,表达能力优秀; Solid and logical thinking, strong analytical skills, presentable in expression.
➢文字功底强,擅长文案、PPT 的编写; Strong writing skills, good at copywriting and proficient in PPT.
➢责任心强,能适应快节奏的工作环境,良好的团队合作能力; Reliable, accountable, capable of working in a fast-paced working environment, a good team player.
➢熟练使用办公软件,包括但不限于 WORD,EXCEL,PPT,VISIO 等; Proficient in office, including but not limited to WORD, EXCEL, PPT, VISION.
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