Salary: 30万-40万
City: Shanghai
Salary: 15000-20000
City: Shanghai, Wuhan
Company: Buyint
Salary: 2500-4800
City: Shanghai
Company: Buyint
Salary: 2500-4800
City: Shanghai
Salary: 10000-20000
Salary: 4000-8000
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing
Company: CGTN
Salary: Salary: Negotiable
City: Beijing

Mechanical Engineering Global Trainee

City: HeFei
Salary: Negotiable
Education: Bachelor
Experience: Graduate Student
Job Nature: Full time

Job description:
Tasks and Responsibilities:
- Introduction to technologies and machines in PLT/CVT Plant - department rotation, a deeper introduction to plant operation, Introduction to production processes, Rubber Technologies, Material’s flow and Components
- 12 month shop-floor experience including shift work
- Manufacturing/Engineering projects within the plant
- Working together with a personal mentor throughout the program
-1/2 month in one of Continental's Marketing & Sales organizations
- General overview about the overall M&S Strategy and the tasks & responsibilities of a M&S department
-1st hand experience by working together with direct sale in a tire shop / during customer visits
-Project based training and assignments in a group of 8 to 10 M&E, 12 to 14 R&D and 4 to 5 MF Controlling Trainees
-2 individual assignments from field of R&D and central Manufacturing and Engineering
-1 global business assignment (group assignment together with 1 to 4 other Trainees from M&E/R&D/MFCO
-Technical Training of Tire Technology, Tire Development and Tire Production
-Soft skill training: Intercultural Training, CBS Training, Team building
Job requirement:
The qualified candidate:
-Bachelor-/Master Degree in Mechanical/Industrial/Process/Engineering or Manufacturing or Science, distinctive results (above average results)
-Internships in Manufacturing/Engineering, preferably also international ones
-First working experience up to 2 years; Has first experience in leading a project team
-Experience through internship(s) in respective areas for 8-10 months (international internships preferred)
-At least 2 months of International internship/study abroad/working in a multicultural and international team.
- Native level Mandarin Chinese language skill, fluent in English, and qualification to legally work in the people's republic of China required.

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Company Industry: Professional Consulting Services
Company Nature: Private Enterprise
Staff Size:

    HelloCareer is a global talent solutions provider, focusing on assisting Chinese local companies and government organizations to hire and build connections with targeted candidates worldwide.

    We have offices and partners in many countries including the US, UK, Holland and Australia, covering the local job sites in more than 25 countries and areas. We have also built strong connections with 100+ top universities in the world, and had a global talent pool of 250,000+ potential candidates in various industries such as finance, IT, energy, bio-tech, automotive, and mechanical engineering.

    Our team has successfully provided customized recruitment solutions for various global companies by using our global footprint and expertise. The services we provide include but are not limited to overseas job posting, overseas talent sourcing & screening, overseas headhunting and overseas hiring events organizing.

    Our mission is to be a well-run human resource provider through the help of our responsible and professional recruitment consultants who are always ready to help the Chinese government and Chinese enterprises to recruit suitable global talents. 





Company: Continental AG was founded in 1871, headquartered in Hanover, Germany, and is the third largest tire manufacturer in the world,Europe's largest supplier of auto parts. In 2017, the world's top 500 ranked 213.