Company: 先声药业
Salary: Negotiable
City: UK, California
Company: 先声药业
Salary: Negotiable
City: Shanghai, NanJing, Nanjing, Boston, California
Company: Continental AG
Salary: Negotiable
City: HeFei
Company: Continental AG
Salary: Negotiable
City: HeFei
Salary: 面议
City: Shanghai, Beijing, Gungzhou, Shenzhen
Company: Continental AG
Salary: Negotiable
City: HeFei
Salary: Negotiable
City: Shanghai, Beijing
Salary: 20,000~25,000
City: Shanghai

Head of Marketing

City: Australia, Russia
Salary: 50K~70K
Education: Bachelor
Experience: Work Experience
Job Nature: Full time

Job description:

•Lead the Australia marketing team and be in charge of both online and offline marketing activities in Australia for Ctrip International Business.
•Prepare market analysis and design the marketing plan, and execute sales & promotion activities targeting the Australia market
•Explore all kinds of partnerships in Australia local market to recruit new customers and build the brand awareness among Australia travelers.
•Support the management team with insightful knowledge of the Australia travel market, competitive landscape and strengthen Ctrip’s Australian marketing strategy.
•Try all methods to push Australia users from offline to online, and ensure actual contribution to new user acquisition and bookings, with a strong P&L mindset and ROI driven strategy
•Collaborate with the product teams to enhance the onsite user experience to cater local Australia travelers

Job requirement:

•Diploma in Marketing, Business Administration, Tourism, Finance, information technology, statistics or related field of study.
•At least 5 years of experience in a similar position in travel related industries, such as hotels, airlines and /or OTA is preferred.
•Master digital marketing methodologies and have a clear picture how local distribution channels perform to acquire customer in a cost effective way.
•Excellent interpersonal, written, verbal and presentation skills
•Ability to prioritize workload and complete tasks under pressure and high demand
•Financial and data analysis experience to understand key metrics, travel trends & customer's requirement
•Familiar with Microsoft Office such as Power Point and Excel
•Willingness to travel when necessary

1507709261335 携程logo
Company Industry: IT/communication/electronic/Internet
Company Nature: wholly foreign-owned
Staff Size: 500+

       携程旅行网 创立于1999年,总部设在中国上海,员工30000余人,目前公司已在北京、广州、深圳、成都、杭州、南京、厦门、重庆、青岛、沈阳、武汉、三亚、丽江、香港、南通17个城市设立分支机构,在南通设立服务联络中心。2010年,携程旅行网战略投资台湾易游网和香港永安旅游,完成了两岸三地的布局。2014年,投资途风旅行网,将触角延伸及北美洲。